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About The Prolific Reader

The Prolific Reader, which was officially launched in December 2016, started out as a permanent promotion of free books on InstaFreebie for authors writing in a few select genres (Fantasy (dark / urban / paranormal), Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Horror and Children’s Fiction). Its home was the website of an author who wanted to help fellow authors gain new readers.

During the first few weeks it quickly became apparent that readers and authors wanted to see more genres in the promotion. What used to be a manageable number of books that could be displayed on one page soon needed to be split into separate genre pages, all due to the number of books being submitted. In a few short months it grew from five genres to 27 genres, 90 books to over 450 books, and 70 authors to 380 authors.

Some statistics for 2017 are shown below (click on an image for a larger view). On January 20 the split to genre pages took place, which accounts for the low figures that are reported for the visits to genre pages in January.

The Prolific Reader, in it’s present form, is quite new. Given the success of its predecessor, we’re confident that it will continue to grow and gain popularity with readers who are looking for new books to read but are hesitant to buy a book from an author they may never have heard of before. This is true of many, though not all, indie authors. The Prolific Reader provides those readers with a tasting plate of not only new authors, but possibly genres they had never thought to try before.

As part of our expansion The Prolific Reader now accepts submissions for free books on BookFunnel, author websites and, of course, Instafreebie (for gaining subscribers), and Amazon (for rankings).

All books are promoted on social media and other campaigns (for example, Facebook Ads) are run to help drive traffic to the site. Our foundation authors also continue to support the site by promoting it on social media and the occasional mention in their newsletters.

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At the moment we’ve opted for a very simple pricing plan of $2.50 (USD) per book per month and $5.00 (USD) per featured book per month. We hope to introduce additional pricing options in the future, but for now we’re operating on a KIS (keep it simple) basis.

Every now and then coupon codes may be made available to authors who have signed up, making it even more affordable to list a book.

If you’re ready, sign-up now, or if you’d like to join in the discussion to learn more about The Prolific Reader, head on over to our authors-only Facebook group.