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This page is amazing. It has a lot of very good titles listed on it and there are some written pieces printed on here as well. It has very easy to follow links on here to find all the best books that are worth reading and how to download them for free is very straightforward to find on the site. It is a brilliant place for anyone who is interested in books and loves reading. You can also find out about new authors and books here as well.

I visited this page for exactly that reason (as I mentioned earlier, for researching about books to read), which has brought me to consider visiting this page on a regular basis as I really like it and I can read other similar pages like this one as well. It provides very useful resources about different kinds of books that allows you to find out very easily readable details about them all in one place.

reader’s favourite


Its such a fantastic site you have. And such a wonderful resource for those of us who cant buy books. That you now clearly marks which ones are previews is even greater, its very frustrating if that is missed and you start reading but cant afford the rest, so you only get a snippet. Humble thanks and good Kharma to you.

– Anna B.

This is my first foray into the Prolific Readers Pages and I have to say that there are a lot of books to choose from. Some I have already seen in other locations but many that are new to me. So I am very pleased to find this location where I can find new authors and new books.

– Donna


Thank you all so very much for the opportunity to read and enjoy diverse genres of books. I read quite a lot, however on a fixed income…you understand? So this venue offers me many options to experience different things that I would never have imagined me reading.

– Sherril

Promos come and go, and often flavoured by either the season or the month. TPR shares none of these features, making it a steady source. Whether an intro to a new author, series, or even genre, TPR is there for a broad topography. Indeed it’s so good that it becomes easy to wish for more: albeit more in one genre compared to another, or more adds in the multiple genres that categorise your eLibrary. In the scheme of things, however, it’d be grossly unfair to blemish the service it provides with complaints of this nature; which is why I opened said comment with “It’s so good that…”!

– Damian S.


If you have a title available on InstaFreebie and it’s going to be available for a while, getting it showcased on The Prolific Reader is a must. While group promotions and joint giveaways will give you a surge in sign ups of folk looking to win prizes, The Prolific Reader will work away in the background gathering you quality subscribers that are solely interested in your novel, your writing. And it’s in your hands too, the more you promote the site, the more visitors that will come, in essence, viral marketing at its best.

During the months that my book ‘Murder At The Jolly Jester’ was featured, not only did I see a steady, daily drip of sign ups, I actually gained fans and a great base of readers. So much so that I’m taking the next step with the book now and the series and moving forward knowing that I have a good foundation of support.

Ian Thompson


The Prolific Reader was one of the best free instafreebie promotions I’ve used – in just one month, I had over 1000 downloads (and therefore subscribers joining my mailing list) of my YA mystery novella The Boy Next Door. I’m now in my second month of the promo and am still seeing daily downloads and subscribers. This is one promo that authors should absolutely sign up to, especially if they are looking to grow their mailing list.

Jo Ho

Many thanks to The Prolific Reader…my children book mailing list went from 30 to 1260 over a period of approximately 4 months while my short story was in the promotion. I felt the team was very easy to work with and made the process easy to follow. Thank you The Prolific Reader!

Rhue P. McDonough


The Prolific Reader’s practical and no-nonsense approach to book promotion serves both readers and authors very well. The team are always helpful, prompt to respond and efficient, so I’m always happy to do my part in helping to promote the site. The Prolific Reader shows us that when indie authors work together, we can build our readership so much more effectively.

Mikey Campling

The best multi-genre book repository I’ve found! The Prolific Reader is a fantastic place for readers to find new authors across all genres. Professional and prompt with outstanding results. Highly recommended!

Benjamin Descovich


The Prolific Reader means a lot to me. They have been so patient with me and I can not express how much they have helped me….I’m new to this business and I came across them and every time I asked a question they were patient with me and always have been there to give me pointers and advice. I will never ever leave this website…they are stuck with me forever!!!

Chris Shuler