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  • Mystery Freebies: Flatline by Robert Innes

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    Added: Aug 22, 2019
    Mystery – Novel – LGBT

    When Detective Sergeant Blake Harte finds himself in hospital for an operation to have his appendix removed, he’s restless and itching to return to work. The thought of being stuck on Ward 7A with no work to distract him is akin to torture…

  • Contemporary Romance Freebies: Fair Catch by Sam Elswit

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    Added: Jun 05, 2019
    Contemporary Romance – Novella – LGBT

    Michael Dwyer has it all… tall popular, good looking and one of the best football players his hometown has ever seen. He’s being courted by the NFL draft out of college, but also has a deep, dark secret that could endanger his career… he’s gay.

  • Paranormal Romance Freebies: The Gate by A. L. Lester

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    Added: Dec 04, 2018
    Paranormal Romance – Short-Story – LGBT

    It’s 1918, and Matty returns home to the family farm from the trenches only to find his brother Arthur dying of an unknown illness. Will he and his friend and potential lover, Rob, be able to work out what’s going on?

  • Science Fiction Freebies: Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom by Brian Olsen

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    Added: Aug 02, 2018
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    Science Fiction – Novel – LGBT

    Alan Lennox has been assigned another soul-crushing temp job, keeping him from his first loves—drinking, playing video games, and looking for a boyfriend. But Alan’s new job proves to be anything but boring when his co-workers start turning up dead.

  • Contemporary Romance Freebies: Secrets in the Air by Liz Borino

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    Added: Jul 04, 2018
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    Contemporary Romance – Novel – LGBT

    Wealthy family…
    Childhood tragedy…
    A love defying all odds…

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